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We are a first class, professional power washing company servicing Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland. You will love our outstanding customer service and our amazing attention to detail! Read below to find out a little more about my company and our cleaning methods. Please browse around the site to find out a little more about how we can safely fulfill whatever cleaning request you may have. Click on the links above to see the specific information your are interested in. Check out our blog for a real time account of what The Power Washers are doing in your area. Thank you very much for visiting my website! Please feel free to call me at any time.

Brian Friel - Owner

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The Power Washers offer safe, non pressure house washing & pressure washing services in Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland. The green and black stuff you see on and around your home's exterior surfaces is typically a form of bacteria (gloeocapsa magma), mold, mildew or atmospheric pollutants. Most of these things are living, growing organisms that spread over time across all of your homes surfaces. They slowly eat away at the surfaces they are growing on until they are effectively removed by a professional cleaning contractor.

Our cleaning procedure is a little different than most PA pressure washing companies. We use all softwash cleaning methods. "What does softwash mean?", you ask? Softwashing refers to our innovative cleaning process that uses a very specific blend of cleaners, detergents and emulsifiers to remove the algae, mold, mildew, bacteria or atmospheric pollutants from whatever type of surface that you are looking to clean without the use of damaging pressure. Our cleaners are specially formulated to kill the organisms that are growing on your home and then gently lift them from the surface that we are cleaning so that they can be easily rinsed with nothing more than garden hose pressure. You never have to worry about your window or door seals being damaged by the force of a pressure washer. Water will not be forced up under your vinyl or aluminum siding. Cracked stucco that does not leak during normal rainfall will stay free of water intrusion with our cleaning methods. Basically we are giving you a safer, more effective cleaning than any company that uses pressure to do your cleaning, and we don't charge anymore to do it that way.

Our power washing company is a friendly, family oriented business. The majority of the employees have been with us since our first days in business. They are experienced, hard working individuals that take pride in their work and view themselves and their fellow workers as professionals! Our guys have a set procedure that they follow for each and every cleaning job they perform. They know what they are cleaning and how they will clean it long before they arrive at your home. We have a check list system that each and every employee uses. This check list is a set procedure that is followed before, during and after the cleaning to ensure the quality of each and every job. You will get the same quality and attention to detail whether you have a 1,000 sq/ft home or a 10,000 sq/ft home. In addition to our long time employees and check lists, I personally am involved in each and every cleaning project. If I am not personally at the job site during the cleaning, I will visually inspect the work after completion or follow up with the customer to make sure that they are completely satisfied with all aspects of their experience. This feedback, good or bad, is shared with all of the employees so we can all grow as a company.

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