About Us

Brian Friel - Owner of The Power WashersThe Power Washers are one of the premier power washing contractors in the Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland area. I named our company The Power Washers for a reason. There is a science to this business. Companies that safely and effectively clean your exterior surfaces without the worry of damage to those surfaces do much more than “pressure wash”. In fact, pressure is used so infrequently in our cleaning process that I almost never use the term pressure washing.

We use the most advanced equipment and cleaning solutions in the industry so that we don’t have to use damaging pressure to renew the surfaces of your home. My employees and I spend upwards of 40 hours a year in continuing education classes that are taught by some of the most innovative chemical¬†research companies in our industry and cleaning company owners that have some of the largest nationwide cleaning businesses in the United States. These classes ensure that we are always abreast of the latest, most effective cleaning methods available. Continuing education is the key to having knowledgable employees at every single cleaning we perform. This way our customers can be assured that the owner of the company is not the only person that knows the proper way to effectively clean your home. You can be assured that a true professional is handling the cleaning of your largest and most important personal investment!

My employees are all long time employees of The Power Washers. Our crew leaders have been with the company since it’s first days and any new employee is screened and started in an intensive training and education process before they are allowed into the field to work around a customer’s home. You can always feel confident that you have a knowledgable, conscientious, drug free employee that truely cares about their job working around your home. In addition to these benefits, I am always involved in the cleaning process. If I am not present at your home at the time of the cleaning, I am always doing quality checks during the cleaning process to ensure you are receiving the highest quality cleaning possible. After the cleaning is completed, there is a quality assurance checklist that we all use to ensure that nothing was overlooked during the cleaning process. Our employees all walk around your home with these checklists to and inspect every aspect of their cleaning. Windows are checked for streaking, furniture is checked to make sure it is in the same location as it was before the cleaning started and all surfaces are inspected to ensure all contaminates were completely removed. A few days after the cleaning, I will follow up with the customer to make sure that they were completely satisfied with all aspects of the cleaning experience from the initial phone call to the completion of the cleaning.

We offer you the personal touch that is sorely lacking in today’s society! You will never be a number with our company. Our business model is based on our repeat cleaning business and our customer’s referrals. The nuber of referrals alone speak to the quality that we strive to deliver on each and every power washing job that we perform. Give us a call today and find out for yourself why our customers consider us the Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland power washing authority!

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Brian Friel – Owner