Concrete And Paver Cleaning

Concrete And Brick Paver Cleaning

Concrete is one of those surfaces that grows algae quickly and loses it’s beautiful white appearance. The algae will get into the pores of the concrete and can be very difficult to remove. The key to cleaning concrete is a safe concrete cleaner along with a specialized concrete surface cleaning tool. The cleaners kill the growing algae and the concrete surface cleaning tool uses water that is sprayed from a bar with multiple nozzles on it. The nozzles are all at different angles so that as the bar spins it washes the dead algae from deep within the pores of the concrete. The multiple nozzles drop the pressure that is coming from the pressure washer down well below the safe limit for concrete. Our concrete cleaning pressure is only around 1000 psi. Our surface cleaner cleans a path that is 20 inches wide and eliminates any striping that is normally associated with pressure washer wands.

I have many customers that are hesitant to have their concrete cleaned because they have a small pressure washer that they use to clean their side walk or patio every spring. They often tell me that they would rather not spend the money for something they can do themselves. Every single time we clean concrete for one of those customers, they all rave about how much better the concrete looks after we clean it.

Our cleaners and cleaning tools restore old weathered concrete to an amazingly bright white again. There are never stripe marks left behind and our machines will not damage the cream layer on the top of the concrete. Here are a few concrete cleaning pictures to see how our process really works.

Maryland Concrete Cleaning Before

This was concrete that had not been cleaned for many years.

Maryland Concrete Cleaning After

These are the results of our concrete cleaning process


Here is a concrete cleaning that is still in process. This is a type of aggregate concrete that cannot be cleaned with high pressure.

Aggregate Concrete Cleaning In Wilmington Delaware

This picture was taken right in the middle of the concrete cleaning.

Brick pavers are another popular surface to clean around the home. Most pavers are able to be cleaned without the use of pressure. By using a non pressure cleaning method you don’t have to worry about losing all of the filler in between the pavers. These photos are paver cleaning that was done with just buckets of cleaner and a soft bristled brush.

Non Pressure Brick Paver Cleaning Before

This customer had never cleaned this brick paver walkway since moving into the house.


Brick Paver Cleaning During The Process

Here is the brick paver walkway cleaning about halfway through.Here is the finished result of our brick paver cleaning


Brick Paver Cleaning Landenberg PA

Here is the finished result of our brick paver cleaning