Roof Cleaning & Power Washing In Cochranville Pennsylvania

We are starting off our second week of April with a large roof cleaning & power washing project on Center Hall Road in Cochranville PA. Here are a few of the non pressure cleaning services that we are providing:

  1. Non pressure roof cleaning. We are only doing the northern exposures of the house because the customer has solar panels on the rear of the home. That brings us to our next cleaning service.
  2. We are cleaning the solar panels with deionized water. Deionized water is a completely pure water that has absolutely no dissolved minerals or solids in it. Deionized water is a perfect cleaner for any glass surface. It actually attracts dirt and after rinsing it dries completely spot free.
  3. We are pressure washing a few large concrete patios. Concrete is the one surface that we do use pressure washers on. In fact, we use a large, round surface cleaner that cleans an area 20″ at a time from many different angles. It really does an excellent job of cleaning concrete.
  4. We are cleaning stucco, stone and siding on the exterior of the main house. All three surfaces are cleaned without pressure. The soaps do the work and do not damage the surface that is being cleaned. During our routine house washing, we also brush the window glass, window frames, gutters, downspouts, garage doors and entryways. 
  5. After the cleaning is done at the main house and it’s patios, we turn our attention to the two wood barns on the property. We are power washing the barns to prepare them for repainting. The customer has hired a painter, but has asked us to clean all of the surfaces that are going to be painted.

We will post some before and after pictures of the roof cleaning and power washing that we are doing after we have finished. Hopefully the weather holds out and we can get the whole job done. We can still clean siding and patios in the rain, but the roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning doesn’t go so well when it’s raining.

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