Why Choose Us

The most common questions I get from my Pennsylvania Delaware & Maryland power washing customers are, “Why should we choose The Power Washers over another company? What separates you from the competition?” I am passionate about our cleaning process and our business philosophy so I decided to devote a whole page to answering this question.

  1. We use only non pressure cleaning methods. 95% of our cleanings are accomplished with no more pressure than you would get out of your ordinary garden hose. We use the correct cleaner to remove and sterilize whatever contaminant you have on your exterior surface.  There are two benefits to using the proper cleaners instead of high pressure:
    1. When you kill the organisms that are causing the discoloration on your home’s surface by using the proper cleaners, you are ensuring that they will stay away for the longest period of time. Any live spores that are left on the surface you are cleaning will almost immediately start to multiply and spread back across the surface resulting in a much fast return to the dirty appearance.
    2. Non pressure cleaning methods are just safer for the surface you are trying to clean. Many customers that we do work for have complained that they have terrible window and door seals and they have put off the cleaning because of these issues. Our non pressure power washing will not damage those seals any further. In fact, most of the customers that have voice their concern about the window and door seals remark to us after the power washing that no water entered their house anywhere. They are usually astounded. They convince themselves that the cleaning can’t be performed without further damage.
  2. We are a fully licensed and insured business.
    1. We carry all the necessary insurance to protect our customers and employees in case  an unthinkable accident should occur. We carry far more limits than the state requires a business such as ours to carry. Proof of insurance is available at any time.
    2. We are recognized by the PA Department of State as a licensed business in good standing. We pay to register as a home improvement contractor in Pennsylvania to give our customers piece of mind that we are a legitimate, professional business and not some part time inexperienced handyman with a pressure washer that has no obligation to any state agency.
  3. All employees are required to take continuing education classes. This helps ensure a few things:
    1. We are up to date on the latest and most effective cleaning methods so that you know you are getting the best cleaning possible.
    2. We keep up on the latest EPA regulations so that we know we are not causing harmful impact to our environment.
    3. Continuing education ensures that you have a professional at your home that is capable of safely and effectively cleaning any surface around your home.
  4. We have virtually no turnover with our employees.
    1. You will have the same familiar faces working at your home year after year. Our employees are considered trained professionals so we pay them as professionals. This helps to ensure that you have consistent, quality individuals working around your home
    2. When we do have to hire a new employee, there is a standard screening, training and education process that they must go through before they are permitted to work around a clients home. Satisfied customers are the life blood of a business and having good quality employees is the key to a satisfied customer.
  5. We are known for our attention to detail.
    1. We move all fragile objects away from the home before the cleaning process to make sure that nothing can be broken.
    2. All window frames, glass, garage and entry doors are hand brushed during the cleaning process. We don’t simply spray cleaner, rinse and go. We take the extra time to brush these very difficult areas to clean and it shows when our work is complete.
    3. We hand brush all gutters and downspouts during the cleaning process. Most companies will charge extra for this service, but it is part of our normal cleaning process.
    4. All of our employees have check lists that they use at the completion of the cleaning. They walk around the home with these check lists to ensure that no area was overlooked and that the quality of the cleaning will meet my inspection standards. The employees will not leave until everyone has signed off on the check list. This produces the same consistent quality on each and every job we do no matter how big or how small.
  6. We have a sound business model that we follow so that our company can offer a quality service at a reasonable price.
    1. Our pricing is based on the expenses that we must meet on every job and still make a profit. We have been following this business model for 5 years and we are able to still grow while offering a superior service at a reasonable price.
    2. We will still be in business to serve you many years down the road. Many pressure washing companies come and go every year. Most don’t make it more than a year or two because they don’t have a decent business model.
  7. Our only business is exterior cleaning.
    1. We specialize in cleaning, nothing else!
    2. We are not a painting company with a pressure washer trying to fill in time between painting jobs.
    3. We are not a lawn service that has added a pressure washer to our fleet.
    4. We are not a construction/contracting company that is having a tough time keeping employees busy so they buy pressure washing equipment.
    5. We prefer to be experts in our field. With the amount of time we spend educating our employees and keeping up to date with the latest cleaning methods, there is no way we would have time to effectively perform some other full time service.