Wood Cleaning & Sealing

Wood is one of the more delicate surfaces in the cleaning industry. Care must be taken to clean wood the proper way or severe damage may be done to what can be an extremely expensive surface. There is generally a three step process to restoring wood to a beautifully protected surface again.

Kennett Square PA Deck Cleaning Before

Severely neglected wood deck in Kennett Square PA


  • Cleaning is the first step in that process and can sometimes be the most difficult part.
    • First you have to determine the type of wood that you are cleaning because each wood can potentially require different cleaners.
    • Next you must determine if the wood has any functioning sealer presently left on it.
      • If there is sealer left on it, you will have to strip the sealer before you can properly move on to the next step.
      • If there is no sealer, you can proceed with the cleaning phase.
    • The condition of the wood also plays a part in what cleaner you choose to use to create a fresh surface for stain.
    • A light pressure is needed to remove the wood contaminants and surface oxidation after the cleaner has been applied. This pressure never exceeds the manufacturers suggested pressure levels for cleaning that particular type of wood.
  • After the wood stripping and cleaning is completed, a neutralizing chemical must be applied to the wood.
    • The cleaners used to strip sealer or clean weathered, grey wood are on the alkaline side of the ph scale. Wood typically will have a very neutral ph level.
    • When the cleaning is completed, the wood will now have an alkaline ph and must be neutralized or the wood fibers will slowly start to break down from the improper ph level.
    • A special acid based neutralizer is put on the wood to bring the wood fibers back to a neutral level and help brighten the wood.
    • Now the wood is ready for sealer!
Deck Sealing In Kennett Square PA

Total transformation of this previously neglected deck

  • Sealers come in many forms. There are clear sealers, semi-transparent, semi-solid colors, solid colors, oil based, water based, acrylic based, ect, ect, ect……
    • There are many positives and negatives to each. Far too many things to try to list on a single web page. This would be a good time to make a call to us and discuss your options.

As I stated above, wood is a delicate thing and should be treated the proper way for maximum life expectancy and appeal. Proper wood care is done with this 3 step process. If someone is coming to clean and seal your wood, you definitely want to make sure that they are following this procedure.

This type of wood care is not just a preference, it is the proper method of caring for wood. Every professional sealing company has training programs and they all follow this same 3 step process. Make sure you are doing what is right for your very large investment.